The fabric of design

Olyna is successfully used in the world of indoor and outdoor furniture for the creation of sofas, blankets, carpets, woven lamps and other fabric design accessories. Especially in the contract sector, the most appreciated properties are the resistance to trampling and dirt, the possibility of being washed at 30 degrees as well as its extraordinary softness which refers to even more precious yarns.


The plots of excellence

In fashion, Olyna is often used in combination with other natural fibers due to its high anti-pilling power against the formation of lint and balls on fabrics. In addition, a garment that has Olyna in its texture does not shrink, does not bleed and does not need to be ironed. Its lightness makes it ideal as a component in clothing and it features high breathability for a dry effect on the skin.

Filtration and technical fabrics

Filter evolution

From the medical sector to the pharmaceutical sector up to the food industry. Olyna is used in filtration systems due to its non-toxic and hypoallergenic yarn characteristics, its water-repellent qualities and the quality of not dispersing microplastics. Examples of application are water purification filters, fruit juice filters, for blood filtration or as a technical fabric for disposable snow chains.

Made with Olyna

All the products described above can be coordinated by color and customizable